AI WordPress FAQ Generator Plugin

Easily enrich your WordPress and WooCommerce posts, pages, products and categories with frequently asked questions due to the power of AI.

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Adding a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page or section to your WordPress website can make a big difference in your website’s SEO rankings and can substantially help to improve the self-service level your WooCommerce customers.

WordPress website owners often do not know this or postpone it because it takes a lot of time and effort to collect/come up with frequently asked questions.

We have created a solution for that; FAQ Buddy, A WordPress frequently asked questions plugin that uses AI to generate infinite questions for you based on the content of your website.

You only have to answer the questions yourself (or only double check what the AI has generated as an answer for you). This saves you a lot of time and effort, and your pages are automatically enriched with many relevant answers to questions, which ensures better visibility in search engines and helps your customers to make well-considered decisions.

Display FAQ section via shortcode

Every section in the plugin generates a shortcode automatically. You can implement this shortcode everywhere in your website and the frequently asked questions section appears.

AI FAQ generator for WordPress

In addition to providing an easy way of creating frequently asked questions sections for your WordPress or WooCommerce website, the plugin takes advantage of an AI (Open AI) GPT model to generate questions automatically for you. Because the generator excludes previous questions when generating new questions, you can generate an infinite number of questions for every page in your website.

WordPress FAQ plugin with search

In a time where everything is moving fast, people want an answer to their question as quickly as possible. That’s why the plugin offers an intuitive way to search through the frequently asked questions. Through a conversation with the content of the frequently asked questions section, the plugin can find answers to people’s questions. If the answer is not yet there, the plugin will save this question as a suggestion to supplement this section. This results in a continuous expansion of your page with questions and answers.

WordPress FAQ structured data

The FAQ sections shown on your page via the plugin are enhanced with structured data. This allows search engines to better understand that these are frequently asked questions. This way, search engines can include your answers in the search results, which can lead to an improved click-through rate (CRT).

Display FAQ accordion style

The plugin offers the option to display your questions section in different styles. For example, questions can be shown based on the style of the current WordPress theme, but also as an accordion, for example.

WordPress FAQ Builder

With this WordPress FAQ builder you can quickly and easily manage and create FAQ pages and sections. Change positions of the questions and add more questions and answers using the AI question generator.

FAQ Elementor widget

This plugin has a built-in Elementor widget where you can easily add FAQ sections to your Elementor pages.

FAQ Gutenberg block

The plugin also offers support for Gutenberg. Easily create FAQ blocks in the Gutenberg editor.

WooCommerce FAQ product tab

Connect your FAQ section to a WooCommerce product and display it as one of the tabs on the product page.