WordPress link redirect tracking plugin

Easily create trackable links that redirect your users to the right place on the internet based on conditions like browser, operating system and language. All at a privacy-focused angle.

Tracking and managing custom links all within your WordPress site is no more a pain or cumbersome task, thanks to Link Tracker Pro. All of these custom links can be easily added from one place yet get detailed insight into visitors’ activities through analytics.

Here’s what makes Link Tracker Pro stand out:

Customizable redirect links

Make tailor-made links for whatever you’re directing—be that to a blog article, ad, or app store, with Link Tracker Pro. Redirection choices—Create customizable links to have several redirected links pointed to one link at the same time.

Advanced Targeting

Now condition with browser, operating system, and language, and make sure your links go to the right audiences. Based on this, Link Tracker Pro redirects users to the most relevant destination.

wordpress link redirect tracking browser operating system conditions

Detailed analytics

Get deep insights into link performance using our very intuitive dashboard. It will give you the number of redirects made on every combination of OS, browser, and language, to help you make marketing optimization where your audience is.

wordpress link redirect tracking analytics screen


Unlike any other tracking solution, Link Tracker Pro is respectful of the user’s privacy. No cookies are loaded when directing users in order to produce a privacy-friendly experience, while continuing to offer valuable insight regarding visitor demographics.