WooCommerce pay later via payment link

Allow customers to place orders without immediate payment. Simplify the checkout process by sending an automated email with a Stripe payment link, enhancing conversion rates and customer satisfaction by catering to those needing extra time to pay.

Take your WooCommerce store to the next level using this simple yet powerful solution: the WooCommerce Pay Later via Payment Link plugin. This plugin smoothens the customer checkout experience by eliminating the need for customers to make payments on the go.

This plugin works within your WooCommerce setup to bring to you a new way of accepting payments—pay later via payment link. This is definitely a great deal for customers who are not ready to pay at the point of sale at that moment for varied reasons: either they don’t have their payment information at hand, or maybe they are waiting for payday, or just to get another chance to buy more time to make that purchase decision. By allowing them to place orders and pay later, you’re reducing checkout friction and encouraging more sales.

How it works

Easier Checkout with payment link

In case customers opt for “Pay Later via Payment Link” while making a purchase, then they can place an order without paying then and there. He shall be shown a confirmation screen which will inform him that the order has been placed but is pending payment.

Automatic Email Notification

More so, through an associated pre-configured email, automatically generated and containing a Stripe payment link, customers placing an order will be notified of the payment made immediately they place an order. An optimized payment page is put in place through the link, and it works for all devices and most payment methods.

Payment and Order Placed

Customers can at their own time click on the payment link and get the product on the go. The Stripe checkout page is friendly and allows the customer to make payment in a secure way, gain customer satisfaction, and build trust.

Order Fulfillment

Order Fulfillment is changing the order status from your WooCommerce store to “completed” once the payment has been processed through Stripe to fulfill the order.