Polylang register all strings

Easily add new strings for translation with Polylang just from the WordPress admin without any coding.

Download Polylang register all strings

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The Polylang Register Strings Plugin makes it simpler to register strings on your multilingual WordPress website. Designed to boost the Polylang plugin’s functionality, it enables straightforward string registration within your WordPress Admin Panel, eliminating the need for complex coding.

Register All Strings from the admin

Introduces a new section in the Polylang plugin under the String Translations area, enabling the addition of new strings for translation without writing a single line of code.

polylang strings admin screen add new strings section

Expand Translation Reach

Enables translation of strings that are typically overlooked, such as specific theme sections like Flatsome, ensuring no string is left untranslated for a truly global website.

Dynamic Content Replacement

Upon page load, the plugin reviews all registered strings, checks for translations in the current language, and dynamically replaces them in the HTML. It can process strings with HTML tags, ensuring your layout remains as intended.

Fully Integrated with Polylang

Designed for seamless integration with Polylang, simplifying the addition of translations for additional strings. Whether making minor changes or translating elusive theme strings, this plugin offers an easy and effective solution. Say “Goodbye” to manual string registration hassles and “Hello” to welcoming international visitors.